To take photos and upload them on the web are now made easier with image hosting sites that offer you editing options and tons of space for sharing and display of images in good-looking galleries.

Based on research done, we are providing you with some host websites where you can upload and share captured, downloaded images from your smartphone or computer without pains and also do something more.

Google+ Photos

Despite Google+ is a social network,it provides you with great tons of tools and optionsto host, organize, manage and share your photos. You can upload images from your camera, downloads or screenshots using devices like the computer, tablets and phones, etc.

It is mandatory to have a google account which gives you automatic access for the use of Google+ photos. This enables you to backup and edits your photos from multiples sources for sharing and browsing purposes.

You can as well turn your uploaded images to GIFs while also organize them into events or moments. This would create picture-galleries which would allow you to share an image as groups or one after another based on choice.

Apart from its social aspect, the following are the awesome features you can explore with Google+;

  • Backup of videos and images automatically with an unlimited storage
  • Awesome special effects and automatic correction on Photo
  • Create auto awesome images from Android manually
  • Edit and apply filters on photos
  • Find uploaded photos with Google-Fu

Accompanied with the above, the image host is free to use and theimage to be uploaded should be of standard size. Additionally, Google Drive can serve as your shared storage space.

So, if you are looking for an image host to give your pictures a well deserving home and convenience, kindly try out Google+ Photos.


This has been the primary image host known by many like the photo lovers and photographers for storing and sharing of images.

Flickr ever since owned by Yahoo have undergone recent changes like gallery responsiveness, and modernized app and web layouts or structure. With this, you can upload, edit, browse and share images with friends and groups.

You have an option to choose either the free, pro or ad-free/ad-support/high storage account subscription to obtain a clear image functionality, storage capacity and all these come with having a Yahoo account.

It provides you with the choice of making your image uploads private or public at any time, multiple license options for image selling and right of belonging to any group of interest for interaction.

There is a restriction for upload of 200MB and 1GB per photo and video respectively with the duration of video <= 3 minutes.


The host has been in the market for so long and now has recent improvements, updates and features for its users. This allows you to interact with the modern designs and tools to share your images to the community of users and globally.

There are comment posts from other users on Stock photos that you upload and this image host provides a platform where photographers can showcase their works to get connections or interact with businesses.

With this website, you have tons of photo designs to choose from or customizeusing built-in tools in changing the layouts based on choice. You have content for licensing, downloading and water marketing photos with uploads of high resolutions.

They offer just premium services ranging from $40 – $300 per year depending on the services you are opt-in for, like the amount of storage space, customization functionality, photo sells or setting up an e-commerce shop, etc.

They are praised for the individual personal customization and user photo pages, photo gallery creation and use of templates. Furthermore, you can turn uploaded photos to prints, books, cards and posters without any hassle.


It is one of the most popular image hosting because it allows for the easy upload of images and sharing to the world. You choose to either own a free or paid account which enables you to save, upload and manage photos with comments on them.

The paid subscriber version of $24/year provides you with analytics on shared images and unlimited uploads while free users are limited to 225 images. You can compress large image sizes down to 5MB or 10MB using the free and paid version respectively.

With the app version, you can easily keep track and browse images easily. Also, it has an open API for use by the developer or any third-party application. You have your photo credits, rights, licensing and presentation.

Knowing this, dive right into the above listed to get a taste of how they work. You do love trying recent ones, check out the 500px or Amazon prime photos that were launched late 2019.

Possibly you can have a ditch with Dropbox or Chevereto if you feel like hosting your photo gallery with their webspace.