From the Katana sword and the wakiza shito and the tonto, Japanese swords come in various designs and sizes. The katana sword is the most well-known and well-known sword of the samurai. It is a straight blade, square or circular tsuba, and a lengthy two-handed grip. The wakizashi is usually shorter than a sword, and when worn in conjunction with the katana was the official symbol of an warrior. Tantos can be described as Japanese knives that could be worn with a katana the place of the an wakizashi.

Samurai swords and their various designs are distinctive replicas of the past, made by hand into a work of art. If you’re interested in creating your own customized sword, take a look at our selections today to discover more.

Custom Swords for Sale

The process of choosing and selecting your personal sword is among the most satisfying experiences for those who love swords. The sword is a tribute to the warrior of an era when Samurai and other battle-hardened men and women put their trust in to a special, strong and well-crafted sword. Consider their story as you begin the process of creating a Custom sword by registering with Swords of Northshire.

We have a wide range choices, we make it not difficult to begin. The first step is deciding the degree of sharpness that you’d like and then exploring the materials that we can provide for blades which include:

  • -1060 High Carbon Steel
  • -1060 Folded Steel
  • -9260 Spring Steel
  • -1095 High Carbon Steel
  • -1095 Folded Steel
  • -Clay Tempered L6 Steel
  • -Clay Tempered 1095 Steel
  • -Clay Tempered Folded
  • -Clay Tempered Folded Tamahagane

To get our custom-designed swords, you’ll be required to read every one of the categories below:

  • -Sword Length
  • -Bo-Hi Groove (Blood Groove)
  • -Hamon (Temper Line)
  • -Saya (Scabbard)
  • -Sageo (Sheath Cord)
  • -Tsuba Fuchi & Kashira Habaki / Seppa (Guards and Fittings)
  • -Same’gawa (Rayskin)
  • -Ito (Handle Wrap)
  • -Menuki (Handle Ornament)

When you are through the different customization options the process is explained in detail to help you understand what each term means and how each choice will impact the look of the sword, its style, and the feel of the weapon.

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If you decide to add a personalized blade to your backpack, in some weeks, it is ready to go to battle or to use as a focal point at home. Get it today and allow us to make an item to the heart of a warrior.