2nd Internation Conference on Enactive Interfaces

2nd International Conference on Enactive Interfaces, promoted by the the European Enactive Network of Excellence ENACTIVE, will be held in Genoa- Italy on November 17-18, 2005.

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The scope of the conference is creating a truly multidisciplinary research community on the new generation of human-computer interfaces called Enactive Interfaces.
Enactive Interfaces
 are related to a fundamental “interaction” concept which is not exploited by most of the existing human-computer interface technologies.
In the symbolic way of learning, knowledge is stored as words, mathematical symbols or other symbol systems, while in the iconic stage knowledge is stored in the form of visual images, such as diagrams and illustrations.
On the other hand, ENACTIVE knowledge is a form of knowledge based on action for apprehension tasks. Enactive knowledge is not simply multisensory mediated knowledge, but knowledge stored in the form of motor responses and acquired by the act of “doing”.
A typical example of enactive knowledge is constituted by the competence required by tasks such as driving a car, dancing, playing a musical instrument, modelling objects from clay, performing sports.
This type of knowledge transmission can be considered the most direct, in the sense that it is natural and intuitive, since it is based on the experience and on the perceptual responses to motor acts.


ENACTIVE05 is a new conference that will address the topics of enactive and multimodal interfaces and interaction. Papers are soliced in the areas of:

  • Technology
    • Multimodal and enactive interfaces, haptics
    • Human computer interaction, Multisensory Data Representation
    • Technology for haptic interfaces, control and modeling of human-computer interfaces
    • Technology for haptic-auditory and haptic-vision interfaces, Technology for complete multisensory-motor interactions
    • Real time reactive and interactive architecture for simulators and teleoperators
    • Hw and Sw Standards
  • Psychophysics and psychology of action & perception
    • Believability of computational models
    • Psychophysics of multisensory-motor interaction, Kinaesthetic model of the user
    • Experimental and ecological psychology
    • Neurocognition of action – perception
    • Human Factors & Ergonomics
    • Human sensorimotor control, cognitive sciences
  • Applications
    • Industrial design and simulation, virtual prototyping
    • E-teaching and e-learning
    • Special users and uses
    • Creativity, Art and Enaction
    • Performing arts
    • Design in arts and Multimedia
    • Interactive simulations
    • Surgical simulation, Telemedicine
    • Teleoperation
  • Fundamental issues
    • Theory of Enaction, Human Perception and Action
    • Epistemology & Anthropology
    • Philosophy, Ethics


The technical program of the conference will be single-track with oral presentation of papers selected through a peer-review process. Tutorials and hands-on demos are also foreseen. Papers are solicited in all related areas of HCI, psychology and robotics.



Deadline for submission of full-length papers
postponed to September 16, 2005
July 1 , 2005 :Proposals for organized/special sessions
September 3 , 2005 – 12.00 pm PST:
September 16 , 2005 – 12.00 pm PST:
Submission of full-length papers
September 16, 2005:Proposals for tutorials/hands-on demos
October 16, 2005:Notification to authors


Conference CD proceedings containing all the general lectures and papers to be presented, will be published and distributed to all the conference participants.

Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the Springer journal Virtual Reality.

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Enactive 05 – 2nd Internation Conference on Enactive Interfaces

Enactive 05 – 2nd Internation Conference on Enactive Interfaces