History of Africa Includes 120-year history of the African in Anatolia is written During the last period of the Ottoman State, the African-origined Tukes, which pirates brought to Anatolia through slave trade, were organized by establishing an association in Izmir and wrote the history of their 120-year life in Anatolia.

Mustafa Olpak, whose ancestors were brought to Anatolia from Kenya, established the Africans Charity and Solidarity Association by leading his fellow citizens. Alpak, who wrote two books titled “Arab Woman Kemale from Slavery to Freedom” and “Kenya-Crete-Istanbul-Slave”, about the 120-year-old life of African origin, took action to write the oral history of Africans. Alpak, who made an intense effort to find Africans spreading to Western Anatolian provinces, said that they wanted support and support from UNESCO to provide funding for the researches that sociologists and social scientists will take part in.

History of Africa in Anatolia

Defending that there are approximately 2 million African Turkish citizens on the coastal part from Antalya to Istanbul, Olpak stated that he could reach very few of them and said that the people he reached mostly lived in İzmir, Aydın, Muğla and Balıkesir. Alpak told that the Sudanese brought by Hıdır Ali Pasha in the 1800s lived in Muğla, Egypt and Libya originated in İzmir and its region, and Somalia, Kenya and Algerians lived in Aydın Söke as follows:

“After 1857, after the Ottoman prohibition of slave trade, the officers gave freedom and freeing the black citizens they caught in the ports. It was noteworthy at that time that pirates attempted to kidnap Africans and sell them in the Ottoman lands as slaves. They are first kept under quarantine in Izmir, and then they are placed in the restructured villages on the coastline, they are not sent back. Because of the bulk of African descent living in Turkey maintain their culture, you can not lose. ”

120-year history of the African in Anatolia is written


Mustafa Olpak, who stated that those who came from Africa during the Ottoman State and in the period of the next Republic, were treated very well and continued their own culture without any coercion. Claiming that Turkish citizens of African origin constitute the poorest part of the society, Olpak said:

” We have lived for years unaware of each other. I want to show that these people can act together. This is the purpose of establishing a solidarity association for the first time in 120 years. Turkey instead of 2 million spread over many overage find my compatriots, I want to bring people together. We have always seen goodness, tolerance and sincerity in the Turkish land that we have been living for over a century. Therefore, we never think of leaving Turkey, I do not consider … This land is our homeland. ”


Olpak stated that his book titled “ Arab Woman from Slavery to Freedom ”, which tells the story of her family, was shot as a documentary by TRT Izmir Regional Directorate under the name ” The Arab Girl Looks Through the Glass ”. Shooting of Ayvalık, Izmir and noted that performed in Crete Alpak first time shot this documentary with History of Africa will also be sent abroad through TRT in Turkey, nice treat said he learned how to be broadcast on television all the foreign country where the Africans living in Anatolia. ( Today ) powered by Picpaste reddit