Watermark Images! I am sure most of us heard this name. What is a watermark? Why is it used? How is it created? Today i will be giving you some basic information on watermarks and teach you how you can create watermarks for your images.

Every creation is precious to its creator. Watermark is a way of giving a trademark on the creator’s name to any image and video that is unique so that no one can steal it or take the credit of it from its creator. Watermarks can be many types such as text type or image type.

Watermark is not only for the photographers, it is also for photoshop experts or graphic designers. Because as a photoshop expert you may make an ordinary image to a great masterpiece. So the credit does not go to the photographer it goes to the expert.

In this article I will be showing you the three most popular ways of creating a watermark to your images. So let’s begin…

The Default Way

This is the easiest way of them all and to do it you don’t need to download or install anything extra. The software that needs to complete this process is given by default in every window. We will use microsoft paint to do this image editing process. Another reason for being the easiest way is, it is a text based editing process.

All you need to do is, insert your image into the software first. Then draw a text box on it and try to draw the box there where you want your texted watermark will be. After drawing the box just write the text you want to be there. Then save it. You got your copyright on your creation now none can steal it from you.

Online Watermark Tool

This is also an easy way of copyrighting your image but the catch as this is an online image editing process you need an active internet connection to do it. You will find many online watermark tools who provide free service for this. Some of the famous ones are fotojet, louisem, picmarkr, watermark ws, watermarkphotos net etc. Let’s see a few of the features of the online apps for creating watermark.

You can do both types of watermarking on these online platforms. A text watermark is identical to the one mentioned above, an image watermark positions another image (like a logo) above the first. The problem with using PicMarkr to create a watermark image is that it doesn’t allow you to choose the opacity of the secondary image, so you can’t blend with the original picture.

Watermark ws is also an wellknown online watermark creating tool. It provides greater versatility in that it allows you to drag a watermark text or picture anywhere on the frame. The program also allows you to change the brightness of the font, color and image, making it as obvious or unobtrusive as you wish. Watermark.ws is able to produce the most professional-looking performance of the three listed. Plus, you can edit several pictures at once.

Watermarkphotos net is another way to get your photos watermarked from inside your browser. What distinguishes this platform is that all the research is performed locally, ensuring that none of the content is forwarded to their servers to be watermarked, which provides an additional privacy layer.

Creating Watermark In Photoshop

Photoshop has a number of different ways to watermark your pictures. I know the most productive way is to make a custom brush of your watermark style. When you have them open in Photoshop, you can simply add your watermark to your images. Let’s learn how to create a custom brush first…

How to Create Custom Brush in Photoshop?

It’s time to build a brush in Photoshop when you’ve designed your logo. It’s pretty easy if you’ve never done it before. It takes just a few minutes and it is very easy to apply once you create a custom photographic watermark brush. Create a new document in the same form as your watermark version.

Between 500 and 1000 pixels is a decent scale, operating with the largest number of picture sizes. Drag and drop your logo into your new document or use the add text tool. You can use whatever color you want. If you use black, you can easily change color once the custom brush has been produced.

If you have a watermark template, go to the “Edit>’Define Brush Preset ‘button and label your custom brush with a whitish backdrop. You can now open a picture to add and apply your watermark. You want to place your watermark just like hovering the mouse over the spot of the photo and left click.

Your new personalized brush acts like any brush in Photoshop. Until you submit, you can change color or size. If you want the watermark to be semi translucent, you can also change mixture mode and opacity.

So now if you create something new, after completing your image post processing work just use the created preset to watermark your image. For photoshop experts, whether you use background removal service or image manipulation to create a masterpiece, always watermark it so that no one can’t take the credit from you.

Final Thoughts

A good watermark will help create your brand and reputation as a photographer with your images. A watermark that is poorly built or incorrectly positioned will stop people working. Allow time to try to get your pictures watermarked. Find something that works for you and do everything that a watermark has to do. You don’t really want to change your watermark because anyone else might misinterpret your images.

Only you should take credit for your image and no one else should steal it from you. That’s why watermark your image and let the lazy thieves know that they can’t steal it from you.