Picpaste Image hosting is a service that enables you to upload the image to an internet website. It does this by providing you with an image link or different types of code to display the image after storing it in its server.

Some of the image hosts are Photobucket, Flickr, Imgur, etc. with each serving various purposes for images or pictures upload.

Picpaste Image Hosting Features

The interface of an image host website is that which provides you with an upload button, to specify the image file that you want to transfer to the server, from your computer local file system.

Some hosts can allow for multiple image selections or ZIP archive for your file uploads. While few can grant more functionality like FTP access through FTP-capable browser or software for use.

There is usually a restriction on the maximum image size, bandwidth or space you are allowed to use for uploads on the website. This determined by whether you are on a paid or free service purchase which allows for image hot linking.

After you have to click the submit button, automatically the image files are stored in the server and are available for public view on the web.

You can now embed the hosted image on any website using inline linking with HTML code, BBcode, or a clickable thumbnail that opens the full image view.


Tools that can allow you to add image files as slide shows create galleries or photo blogs for easy viewing are now made available in image hosting.

There are advanced addons like tools for all to do an image, browser sidebars or side loaders you uploaded.

More among others introduced by image hosts are the novel features as the automatic resize of an image to your selected size. Furthermore, you can upload captured images from the phone with email capability with the aid of Flickr tool.


Image Hosts keep tracks and can identify where and when an image is accessed or used. It does so by keeping the logging dates and the generic numeric internet address from the request source.

In a situation where the issue of spam might arise, the host would save inclusively the image URLs. This serves as tracking ID for the image host to differentiate between the images viewed, the date accessed and from which host.


Most of the Picpaste image hosting is free and you don’t require registration to use them likely. As a result of these their pages are usually filled with advertisements. Nevertheless, some of this free image hosting offer optional paid functionalities or services to you.

For the paid image hosting, the cost is lower than website hosting while you are often entitled to customized subdomains, password protection on photo albums other added packaged features and options with their costs.



Pasteboard is a fast and simple image-sharing host. It allows you to share images and screenshot online. Also, has supports for various image formats like PNG, APNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and with image size up to 10MB.

It provides you with unique features like;

  • Inserting images directly from your clipboard through copy and paste the command
  • Drag and drop from computer
  • Mobile uploads of stored images or capturing new ones without leaving the website
  • Capture an image from a webcam
  • Storage of image without loss or expiration
  • Cropping an image with built-in tools
  • Privacy regarding who you share images too can only discover them
  • Enablement for adding context to images with title and descriptions
  • Give you the analytics of file uploads i.e. how many views of images


This image host is more like a social network that doesn’t just allow for image uploads but it enables you to share your images across the globe anonymously.

Once you share an image, your location is appended it and other users of the network can see it on their devices. The images locations are doubled, one offline your device and the other on the social network database.

Images uploaded are viewed as slide shows as appeared on the home page of all the app users with information regarding the location from which the image is uploaded. Anyone can make a download or save the image directly to own device or external storage.

More features to be added are the ability to favourite an image and flagging an image for any objectionable reasons.

PicPaste Image Hosting Plus

It allows you to add an image to your library by creating different folders on the image host to determine where to store your image specifically.

It has different tabs on its home page ranging from feedback, upload, my photos, login, register and createsa folder to enable you towards achieving your image uploads.


The host enables for upload and sharing of your images. It offers you with plugins to use on your websites or blogs to allow you, visitors, to upload images to their server from your website. It also has features like remote upload, image resizing, drag and drop, etc.

Other various supported software, change of language, API, Terms and services, privacy and contact tabs are to enable you to successfully use the images hosts.

Furthermore, for any of the images services to choose, they all can allow you to choose to login, create an account or just remain an anonymous user.