Tennis is among the most competitive, prestigious and attractive games in the world and 2008 is expected to be an exceptional season for tennis with a high level of tennis at the major tournaments this summer. No matter what the event, with the established players in the circuit to young and promising players, this year’s season has offered the tennis players everywhere something to be happy about.

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Who could forget that Wimbledon singles men’s final? In the future we will review the tennis history books and discover that it was Sunday 6th July, that we witnessed the change of guard to claim the title of the world’s most famous tennis player. Rafael Nadal finally became the first person to defeat Roger Federer on grass, and ended his 59-match undefeated streak. It was an Wimbledon epic, an event worthy of any Grand-Slam tournament final. It will remain in the memories for many years to come.

In all the anticipation, tennis looks sure to become one of the top sport of the summer, and it’s not just for British who suddenly are in the same group as women’s and men’s hopefuls in the future. We can anticipate thrilling games with Andy Murray and his brother Jamie who will be competing in the doubles competition for men in the coming Beijing Olympics. British tennis fans will also be able to see a new image to cheer on as fans are eagerly awaiting more news about Laura Robson, the 14 year old tennis star who made her mark taking home her first Wimbledon junior championship in singles for women.

While the football season takes an end during the summer months¬†British Tennis popularity at grass roots always rises. This year’s warmer weather in the UK is also helping in this regard, and all throughout towns and cities, there are tennis courts filled with tennis players aged all over the world trying to replicate Roger Federer’s forehand and Venus Williams’ serve. Tennis has always had its own personalities who have their own distinct fashions and styles on the court, and this is frequently replicated by amateur tennis players.

It’s either Rafael Nadal’s vest top, a long past the knee shorts Roger Federer’s cardigan Serena Williams’ rain jacket you don’t need to be looking for the clothes that were famousized by players that are being replicated across tennis courts close to you.

Some athletes opt for a style accessory that is a bit more delicate than the standard baseball cap or sweatband rather than sporting an tennis bracelet. It was first made famous in 1987 by the glamorous tennis player Chris Evert, the tennis bracelet is a string of sparkling diamonds swathed around the wrist. Before the year 1987 these bracelets were originally described as in-line wristbands since it’s, in essence it is a diamond-studded line that you wear around your wrist. When a match was played in 1987 Chris Evert’s inline bracelet broke, scattering diamonds across the court, giving her time to regain her breath before going to win the match. Since then, in-line jewelry has been called tennis bracelets and are now synonymous with elegance, style and summer.