In modern times, information is critical on all fronts. Whether it’s medical records or financial, having access to all associated information has become a mandate in present times. When it comes to family history, not many of us are aware of its impacts on our as well as our future generation’s lives. Yet, knowing and preserving our family history is something that would impact us very significantly.

The concept of family history encompasses censuses, pedigree charts, and mere birthdates. It can serve as a healing factor in the face of all adversities we come across in our daily lives. We can have a better understanding of who we are and where our roots lie if we have access and a proper account of our family history. Individuals, families, and even societies have a lot to benefit from performing the appropriate family history research and preserving them for generations to come.

About FindMyPast

NYPL’s genealogy databases got a new entry in the form of FindMyPast, available at all NYPL locations. Like other databases, FindMyPast stores useful records that enhance our family history research. One can quickly grab the best FindMyPast discount codes and access their family history records very cheaply. If we go by numbers, then FindMyPast holds a staggering 2 billion historical records across the globe. Their records include U.S. military records since WWII, Irish records, U.S. census since 1790, and lots more. Every week newer records are being added to its databases, making it a great source of information to conduct your family search history research from.

Reasons to choose FindMyPast

  1. They offer the best collection of records

As mentioned earlier, provides more than 1,000 record collections that are only available here exclusively. The following records are available in Findmypast.

  •         British newspaper archives from Wales, Scotland, and England.
  •         British Army records dating back from 1760 to 1915.
  •         Parish citizen’s records having more than 40 million entries of baptisms, marriages, burials across England and Wales since 1538.
  •         Lists of passengers of ships leaving the U.K. to the US, Canada, and Australia from 1890 to 1960.
  •         An increasing database of local English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish records back from 1700. These records include school admissions, apprenticeships, workplace registrations, etc.
  •         Court records from Ireland.
  1. Expanding records from the U.S. and Canada

Findmypast has added more than 30 million records in the last few years, which includes rare Canadian and U.S. family history records. They have been aggressively adding more such records from newspaper archives and are aiming to cover all of the above countries.

  1. Records from the British Isles

The British record archives of Findmypast are a treasure trove with over a billion records from England, Scotland, and Wales. These records date back to even 850 A.D. and are constantly updated. They are now working extensively to enhance their records from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific islands.

  1. Advanced research tools

The development team at Findmypast is quite an efficient one that strives to acquire the best tool for performing extensive record search and store. Discovering one’s family history has become easier with the help of such tools.

  1. Smooth payments and attractive discounts

Making payments on Findmypast is easier than it sounds. In fact, it is the only website in the USA that lets us view records with credits via their pay-as-you-go option. Users can decide which all records they want to purchase without committing to them. Searching records are kept free on the website.

Moreover, one can grab Deals, Vouchers, coupons, and Findmypast discount codes to avail amazing offers on website purchases.


Performing complete past history research has become an essential task in modern times. Findmypast offers the best mix of services aided by their near-complete databases so that your family’s past history research provides great value to your life.